(1) All members to upload proper profile picture on registration. All profiles without proper profile pictures reflecting the clear face of the member will be immediately deleted. Please don't upload pictures of celebrities/avatars/Random images of mountains, skies etc etc as profile images I shall delete personally profiles without real proper profile pictures.No avatars or any other pictures will be allowed !

(This are for various reasons but primary reason is to avoid fake user registration Second, how can a person who cannot share his/her picture share knowledge (even if it happens , it is not by intent then ) You may argue that you are not technically competent And so , i have made a playlist detailing out not only the part concerning uploading of image picture but also other navigation features

(2) Network member's can write , share links etc etc as long as it is your own and as long as it is educational

Try and avoid forwards and share original content The platform encourages to blog but in a responsible manner.


(3) No one will use this platform to promote politics or do political campaigning

Any one discussing BJP ,AAP etc etc will be banned with immediate effect. Only admins can do so.


(4) No one will use this platform to promote religious thoughts etc Anyone spreading thoughts for and against any religion will be immediately banned without warning. Only admins can do so.


(4a) Sharing educational external links.

You can surely share educational links as also Youtube tutorials of good professors like Dilip badlani etc etc Anything educational can be shared ! please don't spread any pornographic content or any movie trailer here .(sorry do that and your profile shall dissapear in 2 seconds ) (5) No one shall harass anyone in the community ...if it comes to my notice then he /she will be publically humiliated across 17 social networks never try and play with anyone in this forum else you are engaging in a direct battle with me and i just hope you know how capable i am !

(6) Never spam using this platform.

The platform being moderated, we delete spammers immediately without second notice and ban them forever.

(7) No third party affiliate link's will be tolerated. Erring member will be deleted immediately from the network.

(8) All content shared and posted on this platform will be owned by makeknowledgefree and can be used in whatsoever manner possible Everything is fully copyrighted and use of any stuff outside the platform is strictly prohibited .Any violation will be strictly taken cognizance of and we shall use every possible legal measure to punish the offenders.



(9) The list shall be updated with new rules etc as we live through the networking experience


This site is daily moderated by me (Amlan Dutta ) is not about having a network of billion people ...even if the community has 100 odd people , it is fine , but seek to put in network only genuine people whom we consider fit enough to be a part of the #makeknowledefree family All content here will be owned by makeknowledgefree Please enjoy yourself in the network but adhering to the community fair usage guidelines at all times! Hope that all makes perfect sense !


Regards , Amlan Dutta - Founder !