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Ritesh Chaudhari

Hello Amlan Sir,

I have filed income tax ITR 02 for Ay 2020-21. My Income tax got successfully processed on 1 Jan 2021.
Yesterday I got the  notification from income tax regarding  e-Campaign High Value Transactions for Rs 77000.In this  notification they have mentioned 3 transactions related to...

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My father got retirement benefits this year . The retired benefits are
1. Leave encashment from government full exempt tax
2. Gratuity
3. Commuted Pension

his annual pension for that financial year was Rs 293079

When I want to claim these exempts retirement benefits under section 10 (10A) , 10(1...
shefali sharma

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  • How to take Interest TDS credit in ITR 2
  • hello sir,

    I am using the latest excel utility aug 2020 for filing ITR-2. however when i try to validate the TDS sheet an error pops up saying that it is mandatory to fill the gross income column and head of income column in schedule : TDS 2. But in the latest version these two columns are protected...

    Hello sir
    I had a lose of 15k in equity intraday . Can I show the loses in ITR 3 in speculative income section what is the turnover limit for speculative income for which audit is necessary. I also have 18k loses in future and option can I show the loses in ITR 3.