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Hello sir, if one reinvest the interest received from fixed deposit again and again, will the interest received be shown in other source of income?
Saiyeda Mohiyul Ain

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  • Hello Amlan sir,
    Post office interest income(accrued) is not shown in 26AS at all. So Is it not needed to mention in ITR as it will be a mismatch in that case.
    Suppose in 26AS it says from all bank FDs a person earns 15000/- ...we need to mention the exact amount in ITR as well isn't it?...neither m...

    Hi Amlan,
    Helping my sibling whose tax return was tagged defective. My query is with regard to withdrawal of EPF before 5 years. He submitted ITR1 and put all taxable EPF income as income from other source due to which there was mismatch with 26AS income received. Some facts - 80C benefit was not ...
    Subhasish mishra

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    Tds of approximately 16000 is dedicated on my lottery winning of 50k. It is showing in my tds deducted section also. I have certificate for this deduction also. Please explain how I can get this 16000 back as my net income is below 3l.