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i have unclaimed TDS credit of FY 17-18. when i filed ITR1 for FY 18-19 my total tax liability was Rs 4586.I claimed 943 Rs as TDS credit and i have paid the rest amount i.e Rs 3640.

Few days ago I have received a Demand notice u/s 143(1) showing net amount payable Rs 4590 which includes TDS claim...
Ishwar singh

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I have a question....I filled Itr for AY 19 20 with tds refund for 14990 but. Only 7990 approved and also only that amount sanctioned in intimation but i forgot to check at that time i know that i can fill rectification but one party deposit 534 rs of tds in November how can i claim that tds because...
Subhasis Banerjee

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Hi Amlan,

I have seen your youtube video on claiming TDS while filing ITR2 (AY 18-19). I did file my return exactly the same way you mentioned. However, my return was marked as defective citing error code 2. The possible resolution of the error says that I need to furnish total income from FD in ITR...