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Saiyeda Mohiyul Ain

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  • Taxability of Interest Income
  • ITR 1
  • Status of Booking in 26as
  • Taxation of Post office interest
  • Hello Amlan sir,
    Post office interest income(accrued) is not shown in 26AS at all. So Is it not needed to mention in ITR as it will be a mismatch in that case.
    Suppose in 26AS it says from all bank FDs a person earns 15000/- ...we need to mention the exact amount in ITR as well isn't it?...neither m...
    G N Sah

    Category : Status o.., TAX CRED.., 80U - Se..,
    Dear Amlan,

    I received a check of Rs 400 in February 2019 as an honorarium for conducting examination in a college. However, it has not been credited in any bank account as the check is still with me.
    Now, if I see my 26 AS form, it shows Rs 40 tax deduction against the payment of Rs 400 by the colleg...
    Sri Maha

    Hello Amlan,

    Need some help in understanding TRACES file that I have downloaded from website

    I'm just curios to know what does the below mean in that TRACES file for year 2018-2019? to whom did they paid this Rs 9132.68? As far as I know...

    My colleague was checking his 26as (ay 2019-20) and suddenly he noticed that in the month of sept 2018 the amount credited is less than what amount he received as salary. difference is rs 485/- (less) he asked his office accountant and requested for the rectification. the accountant says that its ok...