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Hello Amlan Sir

request you to kindly make a video on how to fill Section 112A in ITR Utility. If we redeemed a SIP which we invested for 5 years do we need to fill 60 Rows in Section 112A. Also please explain the concept of grandfathering.
Due to grandfathering my tax on CG is zero. Do I still need t...
Prasad Shirodkar

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Dear Sir:
My name is Surekha Shirodkar. I am 65 years old. I am a senior Citizen. I inherited 200 shares from my husband after his demise. Recently, I sold the shares. The shares were of Bayer CropScience.

I saw your lecture on tax calculation for LTCG. Base on that, I am trying to estimate my tax ...
Prasad Shirodkar

Hello Sir:
I have a question on LTCG. My mother and my father were joint share holders of 200 shares of BAYER CROPSCIENCE. My father expired in 2010. So the shares were transferred to my mothers name. My mother wants to sell these shares. As per your earlier reply, the shares are now taxable u/s 112 ...
Kirti Menkudle

Hello Sir,

I have filled my ITR2 through excel utility and all fields have been entered correctly and it shows proper taxes. However I have not uploaded it yet due to below doubt.

For Sch CFL I have not entered any data as there was no loss earlier. However, there is some data which is autofilled du...