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NIshanth Kesavan

Hello Amlan,One of my friend who works in private company also takes contract works for govt. His Form16AS has both sections 192 and 194C. Which ITR should he be filing? Can I file ITR 1 and show contract income as from other source? Anything else we should be knowing before starting? ThanksNishanth

Dear Amlan vai,
I watched your youtube video tutorial and find that your family keep money in bank fd and tds is deducted huge in every year.Can you tell me is there any benefit(after consider inflation rate) they will get after deducted tds in every year .Personally I want ...

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Dear Amlan
This time I have get the chance to see form 16 and 26AS of my few colleagu. Almost all have get salary+arrear. In 26AS, I have noticed that employer deposit TDS for salary arrear under 192 and deposit TDS for honorarium under 194j. However, the employer did not showed the honorarium amount...
Ujjwal Kundu

Bank deduct TDS on savings account interest.
My total savings account interest in fy2018-19 was 26780 and bank deduct 2680 as TDS which reflect in my 26as u/s 194a.
My question, is savings account interest fall u/s194a?
Can I claim deduction u/s 80tta?
(As far as my knowledge concerned, bank can't d...