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Hi Amlan,

I've below questions:

I'm working in a IT company in Pune. The company is headquatered in USA.

1. My parents get covered under my company's medical insurance. I have to pay INR 4000/year for that. I had to get done Angiography for my father who is 73 years old. The insurance company didn't c...
Akash Viswam

Dear Amlanji,

1) Shall I claim the medical expenses (40K) incurred for me (age 38) under 80D (B)?
2) I do not have the original bills with me, as I have tried reimbursing the above expenses (but the insurance company rejected the same)

Kindly advise.
Hridya Lal

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hi good morning sir can you please suggest me solution for the same

the scenario is one of my friend is spending around 40k to 45k yearly basis for his father heart diseases (he is heart patient) so he wants to get the deduction for the amount spent on his father treatment, his father is totally depe...