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Dear Amlan,

I have received Annual Salary (Rs. 72,000.00) in Cash from my Dad's firm at monthly intervals.
Should I fill Schedules S in ITR-3 (AY - 2019-20) Form which gives me default Standard Deduction of Rs. 40,000.00 OR Should I put this salary income in the category - Income from Other Source...
Arun Kurrey

Dear Amlan Sir,

My father retired on 30 April 2018. He got Salary of Apr-18 i.e Rs 1,48,491 and got pension from May-18 to Mar-19 i.e 16,989 Per Month, so total Rs 186879 in this AY 2019-20. Income From Other Sources stood at 2,91,369,

in this case, how much Standard deduction will be applicable. Af...

Dear Amlan...a new ITR 1 form for AY 2019-20 which is available on income tax website. there are couple of queries in the you are aware that for this ay there is a standard deduction of rs 40000/- , fyi in this new form there is a column of exempt income for reporting purpose only...last...
Devendra Kumar Chauhan

pl clarify standard deductions