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Sir, I am a railway employee . I fulfill my 80c quota of 1,50,000 savings but railway not giving me extra benefit of 80CCD(1B) in form 16 .
Saurabh pahuja


I am a govt offcial.
I want some clarification on section 80ccd (1) (b) of income tax act.

I wish to know:

1. I have invested Rs. 1.20 lakhs approx under section 80c and have also invested Rs. 63518 in NPS. Can I claim tax rebate of my deposited amount in NPS under Sec. 80 ccd (1) (b). If yes...

Dear Amlan
As you can see in my form 16, my employer shows the employee contribution towards NPS u/s 80 CCD (1). Hence, I am not getting the full benefit of deduction. After watching your recent video and reading your answers related to NPS in makeknowledgfree platform, I came to know that we could ...

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Hi Amlan, I have watched your Youtube video on NPS contribution. I have a question on it. I am not working since last 2 years. Still I had invested 50000 Rs in my NPS Account (Tier-1) on my own. Can I claim tax benefit for this against 80 CCD(1B) while filing ITR, even though I am not employee any m...