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Mohsin Razaq

If one has already used the 150000 limit under PPF category can the contribution by employee be entered under 80CCD(1B) instead of 80CCD(1) and claim additional tax relief to the tune of Rs 5000 on 50000 amount claimed under NPS contribution of employee.
Pankaj lande

sir thanx for ur reply i have one doubt that i have created my nps account after april 2018..till then i was having no pran no. when i checked my nps acc statement it showed 0 contributions upto march 18 and all the contribution i have made from march 17 to april 18 was shown for the month of ...
Pankaj lande

Sir i am a salaried employee working from last nps account was created after march 2018. My form 16 for this year doesnt show any nps contribution made by me from july 2017 to march 2018 nor my nps acc statement taken from nsdl website. Still can i claim the deductions under 80 ccd in my it...

मेरी 2018-19 AY की Gross salary 866437 है
NPS कटौती कुल 94730 है
System calculated में 80CCD(1)&(2) में 86644 ही आ रही है।