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Avinash Kumar Singh

I am a govt employee. My 80c investment is 120000, nps contribution is 60000 and nps employer contribution is 60000. For claiming deduction in 80ccd(1b) we should invest further or claim 60000 or 30000 i.e exausted amount of 80c
Gian Naorem

Sir, while filling itr1 for this assessment year 19-20 I could not claim employer contribution of nps. Pliz help
Gabru punjabi

Hello sir
I am central govt employee with my Nps cont. 96000rs and Govt cont. Is also 96000rs
I have my PLI which is also 96000rs
Now how can i claim benefit of 192000(my NPS plus pli)
Can i do like that- 1st Use my 80ccd1b window for nps cont i.e 50k
Remaining 46k i will put into 80C/80ccd1 along...


I am working in a nationalised bank. In my form 16,part B, this NPS Contribution mentioned under section 9.A.(c) & 9.B.(b) , as you can see from screenshot,that my 80ccd(1) contribution in section 9.A(c) is shown as Rs 75117, and 80ccd(1B) deduction is Rs 36325 . and deduction under 80ccd2(empl...