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Sandeep Roy

Hi Amlan,

I am an NRI and I would like to know about my tax liability from short-term capital gains from sale of equity shares. I have a short-term capital gain of Rs. 60000. My broker deducted Rs. 9000 as TDS (26AS). I have no other income. While calculating tax on ITR 2 form it shows I have to pay...
Jitendra B

Please confirm if the Delisted Shares lying in demat account are to be declared in ITR2 under Unlisted Shares category?
Vikrant Kumar

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Hello Sir,
I have LTCG gain from shares of two companies.
Details are attached in screenshot of gain calculation.

One share was purchased before and other after 1st Feb 2018,
How will I show it in ITR2 schedule CG and in LTCG section after combining both shares values, because for 2nd item FMV v...
Prasad Shirodkar

Hello Sir:Thanks for your help on my earlier questions. Your answers to various questions has been very helpful. I have a question regarding taxation on LTCGMy mom has 200 shares from Bayer Cropscience. They were transfered to her name after my fathers death. She wants to sell the shares. What is ta...