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Thanks sir for your earlier response, i have two question

1.) give and take transaction means i ( i am not taxable person below threshold limit ) gave rs 10000 to my brother , he is taxable person. he refund me the same amount after 2 month . it is just an reverse transaction. how to show rs 10000 ...

Hello Sir,

What will be the treatment of tax if there is exchange of property/money within the relatives specified?

Suppose A gifts a land to B (A & B are Brother & Sister) and B gifts back a certain amount of money to A. This seems like a transaction however because they are 'relatives' specified und...
Paritosh Jain

I wish to gift my wife Rs 65 Lakhs through bank cheque. What all formalities need to be completed for this.

hello sir . my brother is in job and getting salary around rs 650000/ p.a, now if he transfer money to father bank account rs 30000 every month so whether father is liable to tax or not