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Prashanth Wagle

Hello Amlan,

I have done few 80G Donations in the FY of 2017-18. Will i be still eligible for 80G claim now in AY of 19-20.

Mahesh S

Dear sir,

I'm a Senior citizen and have taken Health Insurance for self(Senior citizen) and wife but it does not include domiciliary treatment and because of that I get only claim amount only if admitted to hospital. So basically I pay from my pocket for taking regular medicines for BP, Sugar on mont...
G N Sah

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Dear Amlan,

I received a check of Rs 400 in February 2019 as an honorarium for conducting examination in a college. However, it has not been credited in any bank account as the check is still with me.
Now, if I see my 26 AS form, it shows Rs 40 tax deduction against the payment of Rs 400 by the colleg...

Thank you for your valuable reply.
But sorry to disturb you again on the same matter which I have asked last time i.e. 80TTA. I have already shown Rs 150000 in 80 C (PPF) having shown that amount am I eligible to show saving interest Rs. 10000 in 80TTA and any other amount in any other column lik...